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$873,364 USD contributions received

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1 TWO token price
$0.75c USD
ICO Participants
This is why to participate with us

The 2cash platform incorporates blockchain for the masses where users can easily get involved in cryptocurrency and embrace its true value without reliance on traditional (aka “fiat”) currency, banks or credit cards as we know them today. Consider the possibilities and the value proposition offered by 2cash... at the forefront of deploying technology that changes how people transact in their local community and around the world.

Supported countries = 186
Business merchant sites 1,000,000 +
Customers 5,000,000 +
The Business

2cash is money for everyone with revolutionary blockchain technology thats connects digital currency to local money and gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to save money and make money by applying 2cash Crypto-Commerce. The 2wallet facilitates 2cash transactions and is built with ultra secure encryption and security. 2wallet accounts are free to create and incur only a small transaction fee, or users may subscribe to the AC20 for unlimited transactions with zero fees.

The marketing model includes a 'freemium' application where users sign up for free and are incentivised with 2cash token rewards when they invite new users. In addition to acquiring 2cash tokens, AC20 subscription users not only enjoy unlimited transactions but also earn a bounty of 20% on personal referral transactions, in addition to overrides on the referrals of their referrals.

Based on historical data the 2cash user acquisition model will generate approximately $20 USD monthly ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). The incentivised bounty referral marketing model includes multiples of 10x new users from each current user with milestones at 5,000 users > 50,000 users > up to the target of 5,000,000 users globally making the 2cash global ecosystem over $1,000,000,000 USD annually.

The ICO is being conducted in multiple phases. In addition to 2cash utility token positions for key participants, the company is making available up to ten percent (10%) ownership that will participate in revenue share and dividend distributions. Interested parties may contact 2cash directly or its affiliates for more information and offering details.

How 2cash works

New users are referred by current users through a promo code. Upon 2wallet verification users may deposit and transfer funds, exchange currency and order products, including 2cash utility tokens that can be used in the 2cash ecosystem or traded on a crypto exchange at the ICO.

The Solution

The 2cash Crypto-Commerce provides more efficient and lower cost transactions. From sharing money to ordering coffee at a local brew house to purchasing products online 2cash is the best solution, all while paying rebates and bounties when referring others.

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Our Tokens
What are 2cash Utility Tokens?
The 2cash utility tokens will be released as an ERC20 compatible token and integrated with the 2wallet. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration within or outside of the 2cash ecosystem.

The 2cash Crypto-Commerce

Save Money managing transactions with 2cash and Make Money inviting others.

The AC20

Pay a small transaction fee, or subscribe to the AC20 for unlimited transactions with no fees.

Trade Crypto

Easily fund your account and trade crypto. Buy low and sell high. Transfer to others or cash out.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering

Participate in the ICO with 2cash utility token air drops and 2pack. Accumulate tokens each month with the 2Global Bonus.
Token Discounts
Crowdsale Round 2
1 TWO = $0.5625 USD Token rate
27,000,000 Hard cap
Crowdsale Round 1
1 TWO = $0.375 USD Token rate
18,000,000 Hard cap
Crowdsale Round 3
1 TWO = $0.7500 USD Token rate
55,000,000 Hard cap

100,000,000 utility tokens minted.
Hardcap $75,000,000 USD.
Unsold tokens will be held in treasury.
2cash utility tokens are purchased through the 2wallet.

In order to make the TWO token distribution process more efficient, the TWO value will be linked to USD (the “US Dollar”)

1 TWO = $0.75c USD
Fund distribution
  • Public 55%
  • Advisors 15%
  • Team 20%
  • Incentives 10%
Use of proceeds
  • Development 35%
  • Marketing 28%
  • Operations 26%
  • Reservations 7%
  • Legal 4%
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q2 : 2018
2cash marketing prelaunch Incentive based referral marketing program of "share 2cash" and AC20 monthly subscription. Initial milestone is 5000 users at USD$20 each = annualised revenues of USD$1,200,000 and profitable operations.
Q3 : 2018
2cash eWallet nexgen upgrade 2cash technology platform enhancements including cloud hosting, security and encryption enhancements, increased functionality with multi-currency balances, merchant API integration of credit cards, Bitcoin and other alt coins.
Q4 : 2018
2cash blockchain alpha release Initial release of 2cash blockchain and testing of smart contracts on crypto exchanges and mining rigs with hashing algorithms. Technology whitepaper and 2cash token marketing. Retain professional consultants for legal and ICO.
Q2 : 2019
2cash ICO Full release of 2cash cryptocurrency and ICO crowdsale. 100,000,000 tokens hard cap offered at various rounds in approved markets as per regulatory guidelines.
Q3 : 2019
Marketing expansion Rollout of the 2cash Crypto-Commerce with targeted marketing in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Technology enhancements with release of Android and iOS apps.
First half : 2020
Business development To support marketing expansion negotiate key relationships in target markets to enhance product offerings and local market support with local help desk to language operations.
Second half : 2020
Completion of the 2cash technology with the Android and iOS mobile apps, crypto-commerce technology with QR pay, concept of the cold storage hard wallet device to integrate with the 2cash apps and negotiation of exchanges to list an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).
2021 and beyond
Continued evolution with the 2cash crypto blockchain and integration into the 2cash ecosystem. Marketing and promotion to expand the user and transaction base to ensure the supply and demand ratios for an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Continued ecosystem expansion and growth.
for Merchants
Instant approval

No Qualification | No fees
Accept 2cash on your website, in your shopping cart or mobile app with 2cash Quickly.

Free advertising

Promote your products to the 2cash network of users globally.

Quick withdrawals

Convert your 2cash balances into your local cash currency and withdraw if you need liquidity.

for Members
Free 2cash wallet

Create a free account and just pay a small transaction fee. Invite others and receive 2cash token airdrops.


Subscribe to the AC20 and enjoy unlimited transactions with no fees. Quality to earn bounty referral income on everyone you invite.

2cash Crypto-Commerce

Save Money with 2cash products and Make Money inviting others. Create the financial future you desire with 2cash.

Buy 2cash utility tokens now and participate in the 2Global Bonus
The 2cash Team
Experience Strategically Positioned around the World
KC Tew
Muaz Mutwakil
Business Development Director Middle East
Rye Nomi
2cash FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

2cash is digital currency available in your 2cash wallet exactly the same as physical cash is available in your pocket wallet or purse.

You can make online purchases with 2cash, pay your local bills from anywhere worldwide, share it with others who also have a 2cash wallet, or withdraw 2cash and deposit it in your bank account, load it onto a debit card that you order from 2cash, or your walk into a remittance office in select parts of the world.

  • Low transaction fees or unlimited transactions for only USD$20 per month
  • Free to sign up
  • Share 2cash with anyone worldwide
  • Acquire 2cash utility tokens that contain value in the 2cash eco system simply by inviting others who create a 2cash wallet account, or by ordering 2packs. For details on 2pack products visit
  • Earn 20% rebates on everyone your refer who order products, plus unlimited overrides on the referrals of your referrals

Yes! 2cash is secured with SSL and data encryption. It also uses primary and secondary password credentials so even if an unauthroised person is able to log in they can not complete transactions without both passwords

All 2cash wallet accounts are free to create and users can store 2cash tokens and 2cash digitial currency. Transaction fees:

  • Deposit funds are free for bank deposit, and other methods may encure a processor fee between 2% and 4%
  • Transfer funds = 2%
  • Currencey exchange = 2%
  • 2cash wallet withdrawals = 4%

Or, subscribe to the AC20 for only $20 USD per month and enjoy unlimited transactions without any fees. Plus earn 20% rebates on your direct referrals and overrides on the referrals of your referrals anywhere worldwide!

Pre-Sale Questions?